Monday morning blues

Our beloved Bug has passed away. Received a phone call from my son thismorning informing me of his passing. Apparently he went out like a prince, on a bed of pillows.

Bug: Bug was a great dog who lived half of his life on a horse farm and was mischevious and playful. He wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but he had a heart bigger than any farm. He came to live with us when the farm no longer suited him and became fast friends and sometimes lovers with his yardmate Scooby. Over the years Bug was a great family member, a good watchdog, and a source of laughter for all of us. He loved to go out on a hike or car ride.He was always low man on the totem pole in the yard, be it dog or goat, but it suited him. He was humble and sweet and he will be dearly missed. He aged gracefully. Hopefully he is playing stick, or raiding a trash can with Scooby somewhere today and has recovered his youthful vigor. RIP Buggy😭


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