Onward to the Black hills

Yesterday we woke up early to catch the sunrise  in the badlands before heading out to the black hills



We made an attempted quick side trip to Mt Rushmore up a long steep curvy road only to be thwarted by a tunnel we would not fit through. Oh well, we got a fantastic view at the iron mountain  picnic area. Good enough for us!


Finally we ended up at our campsite, and I am so bitter about it… Angostura recreation area.


Today we head out to deadwood, devils tower and wind cave national park! Tata for now….


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  1. You see that rock structure to the left of Washington’s head in your pic? I climbed that to get a better view. When I came down park service was arresting guy for trying to climb it. I walked by them asked officer if it was illegal to climb it. She said yes. It’s outside park area for public. I laughed said I better not climb it and walked to my car. Awesome place.

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