Argosy Merchandise


Featuring stunning photography and quirky holidays these are a must have for any goat enthusiast or travel lover!

Calendars & Notecards are pre-orders! All orders received by Fri Nov. 22 will ship by December 6th.  Every effort will be made to ship additional orders at the same time! If you are shipping a calendar as a gift, save yourself some time and send us the shipping address of your recipient and cut out the middle elf!

Frankie’s Airstream Adventure (horny tales from the road) 2020 Calendar. All new pictures of Frankie Rae’s amazing adventures as she travels with the Argosy Odyssey in this 8.5×11 calendar captioned with hysterical quotes, and populated with unique holidays .  $18 plus $3 shipping

Argosy Odyssey’s Oregon 2020 Calendar. All new pictures of Oregon in this 8.5×11 calendar populated with standard & unique holidays .  $18 plus $3 shipping

New! Notecards

Airstream Notecards: artwork by Cate Battles

12 card sets, 2 cards of each of the above original paintings.

Envelopes Included. Measures 5.5×4.25 inches

$20 + $4 Shipping


“Beartles” Notecards: artwork by Cate Battles
10 card sets Envelopes Included. Measures 5.5×4 inches

$20 + $4 Shipping



2019 calendars While the grids might not be useful anymore, the photos are hysterical! Cut them out and frame them, or use them as posters!

$2plus $3 shipping 

Portal: the 2019 Argosy Odyssey porthole calendar. Stunning photos taken through the porthole in the camper. This 9×9 calendar is chocked full of exciting photos and unique holidays. $15 plus shipping

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