Pacific West Windharps

Argosy Odyssey tries to stay “in tune” with the natural world  during, and between their travels. When not on the road, Chad builds and sells Aeolian Wind Harps. These hand crafted, unique Romantic Age instruments are played only by the wind. Improving on ancient designs with exotic woods, glass, and modern strings. Experience the beautiful and eerie voice of Aeolus, god of the wind.

A wind harp can be built to your specifications, email us for more information!

Currently available harps.

Opal Streaked Emerald Glass & walnut sound box, Spruce Soundboard, 4 strings $500 + shipping

Opal Streaked Amber Glass & Walnut  Soundbox, Spruce Soundboard, 5 Strings, $400 + Shipping

Poplar Soundbox, Spruce Soundboard, 4 strings, $125 + Shipping