Drone media

A quick disclaimer here. My drone is not a fancy photography focused drone. It doesn’t fly the highest, farthest, or have the best stability…particularly in the wind. It is, however fairly intelligent, and features auto return, gps, follow me, good speed, and a decent camera. I would love to break into (FPV) first person view drone racing, and this drone seemed to be solid middle ground for learning FPV flying and photography. Consequently the drone performs poorly in wind and has some “jello-ing” in the video. I try to fly, and edit the video to the best of my ability to minimize the flaws. Enjoy!


ahhhh, we have dronage again! Here is the video from Waitabit Creek Campsite.

unfortunately I was supposed to have this going  gangbusters by now, howevery my drone battery charger has died and I am awaiting a new one. In the meantime I will post what I have taken so far.


I am (was) flying the Hubsan x4 FPV 501SWwith 1080p HD camera & GPS.Great drone, crappy chargerimage