Drone media

The Arogosy’s drone is a DJI Mavic Air (first gen), this is our third drone of the Odyssey, our first was a Hubsan and the second was also a Mavic Air. Unfortunately the first one flew away and far over the mountains near the Salt Flats in Utah, and the second one had a critical SMU error on the Rogue River in Oregon, resulting in a horrific crash on a steep mountainside. We are hoping our current drone lives a long healthy life!

imageThe footage below was taken with the old Hubsan drone. The image quality is very inferior to the Mavic.


ahhhh, we have dronage again! Here is the video from Waitabit Creek Campsite.

unfortunately I was supposed to have this going  gangbusters by now, howevery my drone battery charger has died and I am awaiting a new one. In the meantime I will post what I have taken so far.