Wisconsin is pretty groovy!

we spent most of tuesday working on the camper and swimming, not much to report. Wednesday however was a different story.

After a wonderful breakfast…..


We took a little excursion to the town of Baraboo home of the beginning of Ringling circus…

imageand over to a really cool glacial lake called Devils Lake. This lake is millions of years old and has these fantastic rock formations made of quartzite. It sits in a glacial valley and there are these awesome piles of huge boulders down the banks. The hike we took was crazy strenuous and absolutely stunning, see below.


We  also went to a great cheese shop called Carr Valley Cheese Website. Their selection wes unreal, all of it made locally. I highly recommend the chocolate cheese! Fresh squeaky cheese curds every morning too!


After we pack up and stow the gear, we will be heading out across Minnesota and to the pallisades in south dakota today. The trip should take about 5 hours not including sightseeing (like the windmill collector’s farm). TTYL. We miss everyone!


  1. Hi Catelyn I am Don’s sister, Linda. Welcome to the land of 1,000 lakes. Any chance you will be near St Paul? We would love to have you visit. MN is a great state. I think you will enjoy it even though it was a tad cool today. The Boundary Waters up north are especially lovely.

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