Back to the Land of the free and the home of the crazy!

Upon leaving our lovely bluffside campground outside of Jasper, we headed brieffly back to Banff to pick up some mail and grab some food and gas. Then it was across the great divide to British Columbia and onward to Wasa Lake, about an hour north of the border. Paid for a camping site for the first time in quite a while expecting hot showers and laundry…. We got neither. We did grab a bite at this awesome place The Wasa Country Pub


The next day it was back to the States. Passing through customs was a breeze (we had no citrus and no guns…. No questions about anything else… About an hour later during which this pic was taken,


we were in candidate town #2, Whitefish MT. We seeked out the post office to pick up our long awaited mail! Thanks Collin for the jerky!

I am going to have to have an aside here….. Anyone that knows me knows I am a rabid snowboarder. i have seen Banff, Norquay, Lake Louise, Marmot Basin, Kicking Horse, and Whitefish Mountain ski areas. this is torture! All these world class mountains mid summer, grass on the slopes. Like mirages in the desert, like a thirsty man in the ocean…. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

but I digress… Since we are on a mission to not pay for campsites, we settled on Emery Bay on the Hungry horse lake. we also found a great bar called the the Southfork Saloon… That hosts the world champion barstool ski races!


today we drove the “Going to the Sun Road” in Glacier national park from the West entrance to the St Marys Entrance and then to the Many glacier!. So many things to share with you all. More pics and stories coming soon!

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