From Red Fox to Terror on the Open Road!

We set out for San Fransisco on a fine sunny day and traveled down the 101s to old 101S , Avenue of the Giants. The drive was spectacular with many scenic byways including Dury scenic drive!

imagewe ended up, after a few missed stops at the Red Fox Casino parking lot pretty late at night. it was free to stay there. All new casino club members get $10 credit, and this day happened to be men’s day, double credit!…We figured what heck….. And walked away with $94 dollars (two tanks of Gas)! Better than a sharp stick in the eye! Morning comes early and like they say, the early worm deserves the bird. Our worm that day was Highway 1. We emerged on the Californian Coast at Westport and Started picking our way down the narrow curvy road. dragging our 22 ft tray tray, listening to the worn brakes squeal all the way.

imageWe stopped at Point Arena to take a little hike and snap pics of the lighthouse.

After passing Stinson Beach my steely resolve started to get more lead-like. The road became narrower, the hills steeper, the brakes louder, my grip tighter, and Cate’s eyes wider! only a few near misses happened, and our wheels only left the pavement once.

imageThe tension subsided as we rolled triumphantly into Sausalito. After a quick nerve calming stop, we went up to the Golden Gate Bridge rest stop where they allow you to camp. Awesome views of the bridge and downtown San Fransisco just across the bridge.

image.jpeg After a day of doing some work in town we headed out for an impromptu meeting with some of Cate’s kin in Napa Valley. We watched the debate online at an outdoor burger joint picnic table and spent the following two days working on traytray’s critically worn brakes. needless to say, nothing is ever as easy as it should be but we prevailed.

It was time to ooze on down to Yosemite! It was a long drive through Stockton, Copperopolis (yep!), and Jamestown and we pulled into a forest service roadside pullout for the night. With the advice of two spectacular park Rangers we found our full time Yosemite camp. A forest service road called Hardin Flats (Ha!Ha!) was perfect. We were about a mile from the entrance to Yosemite and next to a tiny creek!…

next up… YOsemite!

  1. Thank u for sharing, I’m planing my Airstream adventure 2017 USA, Canada from Red Land Florida
    Love u blog
    PS: hope it’s ok if I share some of u beautiful pics on my FB page
    Take care and thank u again ♡

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