Ahhh Moab. I like to call you Mobe (like boat…who says bo-at?). Gorgeous town in the floor of the canyon. Surrounded by Arches National Park and Canyonlands. Moab is a hub of mountain biking, and off road motor sports. Everyone is friendly, and the scenery is astounding. We camped out at Dalton Wells Rd. 15 miles north of Moab ( not to be confused with Dalton Wash Rd. by Zion, where we were evicted) btw.


After parking traytray at the foot of an emerald green bluff, we did a small exploratory trip into Moab for groceries. The town reminded us a lot of our (former) home of Asheville. An outdoor culture rife with interesting shops and establishments. I climbed the bluffs behind us to view the trailer, desert, and La Sal mountain range in the distance. You know you have a winning campsite when the dog finds not one, but two balls to play with there. This was a mineral and dinosaur hunter’s paradise by the way.

Cate found her long lost goat family!

Early the next morning we headed to Arches NP. After our trip to the visitor center and watching the VCTB (visitor center tailgate breakfast), we drove the road back to Devil’s Garden.

We hiked to the Landscape arch, Tunnel arch, and the Pinetree arch. Afterwards we checked out the Garden of Eden, Balanced Rock, and Double arch.

Mid day approached and we grabbed Maggie and explored the Big Bend section of the Colorado River.
The following day, we headed up he mesa to the “Island in the Sky” district of Canyonlands NP. On the way, we dropped by Dead Horse State Park, and then on to our destination. We checked out Mesa Arch, the Green River Overlook, the Impact Crater, and Grand View! Un…….Real!

The next two days were filled with small trips… We checked out the dinosaur trackways, the La Sal mountain scenic highway… Caught the supermoon at Windows in Arches, found a possible dino egg….And lastly we hiked Negro Bill Canyon, 2.5 miles to Morning Glory Arch!

Our last night in Moab a front came through, coating Spanish Valley and the La Sal range with snow. The wind buffeted the trailer incessantly depriving us of sleep. We awoke to a flat trailer tire and hobbled ourselves the 15 miles out of our way to Moab… Aired it up… And headed out to Grand Junction Colorado!

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