♫ And although I know it’s a long road back, I promise you… I’ll be home for christmas ♫


After our wonderful reunion with the Oklahoma side of the family which included a solid butt kicking in mini golf by Grandma, the kids flying out from Asheville, and Cate’s surprise half-birthday Mexican celebration, everyone headed back to their respective abodes. Cate and I however were “on the road again”!

Bright and early on the 29th we departed Wagoner in our trusty steed and headed to OKC World Airport for the flight to Phoenix to see Cate’s folks. We stayed one night in Scottsdale and had dinner with an old friend of the family. During the trip to Sedona the next day, we stopped at Arcosanti. This was/is an experiment in sustainable living fusing Architecture and Ecology that started in 1970. It is a very cool place that is akin to the  Earthship Community of New Mexico.

In Sedona, we were blown away by the awesome accommodations that awaited us. The Hyatt resort was awesome & the landscape in and around Sedona was absolutely stunning. Multicolored fins and mesas, red rock formations, and gnarled Pinions and Junipers surrounded us.

Catching up with the fam was great and we had lively discussions over many meals! We took a day trip to the Meteor Crater near Winslow and marveled at the fact that a mere 150 foot diameter rock created this 3/4 mile hole in the earth. 97ee18d1-cd68-484f-a72f-b806c3441ea6We visited the mile high former ghost town of Jerome and took in all the sights we could see within arms reach… the fog was thick! And lastly we went to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Even though it was bitterly cold, and super icy, it was more spectacular than any photo could convey! Cate risked her life for a few of these pics! (always taking one for the team).



The time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go. We did manage to squeeze in one last sunrise before heading out. We made a side trip to Montezuma Castle National Monument on the way back to the Phoenix Airport. ad6b8095-633e-48fb-9409-98b330d3fca6We have decided that returning to Arizona is on our short list. Too much to see and not enough time. It was a long day… Sedona to Phoenix to Oklahoma City to dinner with mom & Tom in Henryetta to Dads, Ivy, dog, and traytray back in Wagoner. The next two days were just as busy. We had to winterize the camper and sort through everything from our trip and decide what we need to hold us over while we camp in our house until march. 2c5bcd25-7505-448d-8d5d-889a6196d819As you may remember, we sold all of our belongings before the trip. Back in beer city we only have a few boxes of clothes and a mattress. With the truck packed, we made the 10 hour drive from Wagoner (near Tulsa) and on to Zionsville (near Indianapolis).


So here we are and here we will be up until next week when we drive back to Western North Carolina to sell our house, visit friends and the kids, and collect our Goat! It has been fun and crazy… but the real work is yet to come, relocation. Not to mention traveling with Frankie Rae who’s never done more than a 2 hour drive. We are sure this will make for many entertaining tales as well, so don’t change that channel, we are just getting started!

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