The Journey Continues! With a Goat!

Welcome back dear Odyssey readers!

Our planned 45 day return to the Asheville stretched on a lot longer than i would ever have expected. True to form, the Asheville Vortex was doing its best to suck us back in. In many cases this was a very good thing, we were able to be present for both of the kid’s birthdays, visit a dear friend as he prepared to depart this world, and generally spend quality time with some long lost friends…while also making a few new ones.

The house sale fell through once, the closing was delayed, but was finally done… Thanks Winslows!

Franks was bitten by a copperhead during our last week…..

But finally after three, yes three false starts the morning of our escape… one requiring us to turn around and return to asheville after hitting the highway for 15 miles…. the vortex finally released us and we cruised through the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains and onward to Oklahoma with the animals resting in the back seat.

after a straight 13 hour drive through the searing heat and one seriously raging thunderstorm we pulled into Mom’s, got a bit of rest and then finally made our way to our long missed traytray! I felt like Captain Kirk being shot into orbit to lay eyes on his beloved Enterprise again…. Dad had it all set up in a lakeside RV park with power, water, sewer, and the AC running! Thanks Dad! So here we are… 3-4 days of prep and visiting before we start our journey anew… this time it is a one way trip! Cheers!


  1. I’m not sure how I missed that you have a goat with you. Personally, I think that is completely cool! Living vicariously through your posts!!

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