Christmas and a Goat in the Camper 2017

Go Big or Go Home….that’s how we roll! So when Mountain Modern Life approached us to participate in Christmas in the Camper 2017, highlighting 15 RV bloggers with Christmas themed tips and tutorials, we didn’t hesitate- Tis the Season to be Sharing!

This time last year we were traversing a very snowy Colorado; only boondocking at spots for a night or two (except Durango where we got snowed in). Because we were constantly on the move and used a generator for electricity, our decorations were very minimal.

This year, we’ve been parked on a farm in the Applegate Valley outside of Grants Pass, Oregon and the Christmas decorations are making up for lost time! The biggest addition to our set-up is our new canopy we designed that I wanted in place for Christmas. We bought a 12x10ft heavy duty clear vinyl tarp at Costless Tarps/ Oregon Tarp Company in Grants Pass. I wanted cactus poles to match our Argosy’s Southwest paint job, and my hunny helped me construct them out of landscaping timbers. They look so pretty lit up! Frankie, our pet goat and Maggie, the adventure pooch, are loving the covered front deck and spend evenings with us sitting around the fire.


As soon as the canopy and lights were up, it was time to start gathering decorations. Our storage unit finally arrived a few weeks back with the few remaining possessions we couldn’t part with when we sold the house and moved into the Argosy full-time. About 1/5 of the unit are my Christmas decorations! I’m a Kitsch Bitch, and obsessed with all things vintage, quirky, and colorful. Many things I’ve collected over the years, including decorations from the bar we sold in Asheville (The Bywater), and some have been picked up at thrift stores, dollar stores, Target, Michaels etc. I bought evergreen garlands to drape along the edges of the canopy and added diy icicles to help ‘spruce’ up the greenery.

Icicles are a great and easy way to give a space some wintry atmosphere while reflecting the light, and also creates a neat dripping effect.

—Beaded Icicle Supplies—-
*White pipe cleaners/ chenille stems
* Translucent beads or crystals. Preferably different sizes
Keep the stems at different lengths just like real icicles and place the larger beads at the top and tapper them down to the end. Make sure you weave the bottom of the stem back through so the beads don’t escape.


This time of year, I’m super busy painting holiday windows around town, so why not give our home on wheels some extra bling too? Even if you aren’t an artist, icicles and a little snow around the bottom of the windows is very easy to pull off. If you end up feeling extra sparky, try some little stars or snowflakes. You can pick up craft-quality acrylic paint at Michaels or any craft store for around $1, just make sure you have cleaned the windows so they are free of dust. when you take it down, you’ll just need water, soap, and a razor blade.

Inside the camper and over our bed are some garlands and vintage string lights. This is basically the same set-up as I had last year because it doesn’t involve a bunch of take down for travel. However, this year I grabbed the trees from my train set I used to put around the bottom of our tree to make it extra festive. These trees can be found everywhere including Target’s $1 section up front, craft stores, and any big box store. To make sure they are secure, try using Butyl tape.

Now, let’s talk about the tree. As much as I love real Christmas trees, they just aren’t practical or even possible in a 22ft Airstream, so this year I did something I’ve always wanted to do, and bought a silver tinsel tree! It’s beautiful, sparkly, pre-lit and only cost $18 at Dollar General. I hung my vintage glass bulbs, mushroom ornaments, and icicles and probably sat back for 30 minutes just staring at our Christmas tree the first night. After comingling our living space with my art studio the past year, the workload is stacking up so I’m relieved to say I’m moving into an art studio downtown this weekend. Chad is ecstatic to have his space back!


We’re honored to participate in #ChristmasintheCamper2017 and have loved seeing how other RVers decorate their rigs. Check ‘em out for inspiration! From our herd to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may the New Year bring you good times and unforgetable memories!

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  1. I love everything about this, from that sparkly silver tree, to the adorable puffy red skirt, to of course your amazing Christmas cacti! Thank you for sharing this with the world!

  2. Great Story!
    I stumbled across you guys in RV Life… Just have to follow you now. Someday maybe even literally. We pick up our RV next month. Like you guys at first; we don’t have a clue. Knowing how all Airstreams look the same we’ll try to pick yours out from the masses…
    George and Dawn

  3. I think you are so talented, what a gift to help make extra money while traveling! What’s hard to understand is traveling with a goat. Sorry, just don’t get it. They’re cute and all but ……

    1. It’s really not any different than a dog. both like hiking and life outdoors….both bring a lot of joy to our lives and others. a life without animals is a sad life (for me)

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