Press on Argosy! Press on!

We are humbled and thankful for the newest coverage we have recieved from People Magazine, Yahoo, and the Dodo! The online publications just put out amazing stories about  Frankie Rae and Maggie’s odyssey. See Below…..

People Magazine PeoplePets

The Dodo


Additionally, another story HUGE write-up is expected to be coming out later this week… we are being cagey about it though, and dont want to let the goat out of the ba-a-a-a-g… stay tuned friends!


  1. Between the awesomeness of the photos you take, the camper you restored and painted and the furry kids you are truly my favorite traveling family to follow.
    I know how fun it is when I travel with Levi and how much more he adds to the adventures we share.
    God’s best to you… 🙂

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