Adventure dog wants to run again……..

Hi friends, family, and fellow animal lovers.
****Before I continue on to the spiel, I acknowldge I have seen my fair share of Go Fund Me’s and that I’m not comfortable asking for free money and that every single person who contributes to this campaign will receive a gift from our family.****
As for our sweet Mags… Maggie is my heart and soul. She has been my mother’s fur-child for 12 years and constant companion through life. She has been an excellent sister to me ( despite the fact that I’m a goat and she’s a dog) Maggie has the spunk of a teenager and the wisdom of a jedi. She has traveled to different countries, and appreciates all walks of people and especially food. Maggie would never turn down even a stale stalk of kale…She has climbed the tallest snowy mountains a Cocker Spaniel can, swam through wild Appalachian rapids, pawed through the desert sand, and tasted different salty oceans. Don’t let her age fool you, she will steal your trash when you aren’t looking and maybe your boyfriend too, but she’s our girl, and my Big Lil’ Sister, always and furever.
This year has been a tough one for her, despite her high energy and zest for outdoor living. We never would have thought that she would have two major and unrelated surgeries in a span of a few months after such a healthy life. This winter she had to have a growth removed from her ear canal that caused deafness and now she requires ACL surgery after an injury.

For those that wish to contribute to Maggie’s fund, here is what we can offer:

$250 Custom Aeolian Wind Harp (this is a stringed insturment you place in your window that sings when the wind blows through)
$100: 10×10 oil on canvas pet or camper portrait
$50: Porthole or Frankie 2019 Calendar
$25: Personalized Argosy Odyssey card signed by Frankie and Maggie.
Under $25: E-Card with the warmest of wishes from us all.

Any amount you are able to give would be appreciated, anything helps and we are furever thankful to have such wonderful people in ours lives. Much Love sent from the four of us.

-Frankie, Maggie, Cate and Chad

Click here if you’d like to donate!

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