Dear friends of our herd,

Our family has some sad news to share….our dear Maggie died over the weekend and our hearts are shattered by her absence. I’m honestly still in shock writing this..I just wish this was all just a bad dream….and I could wake up from this nightmare.
Maggie was my first baby, and has been by my side during all my adult life. She was there through heartbreak; she was there to celebrate my success and happiness. When I was getting my start and couldn’t afford the heating bill, she provided me with warmth and endless cuddles at night. When I was stressed out in school, she was my study partner, and when my heart was broken after breakups, Maggie was always there to comfort me.
Maggie, affectionally known as Tiny, also known as Beggar Diablo, or Biggus-Tynimus, was a source of unconditional love and never ceased to shower us with stinky puppy kisses. I was told so many times that Maggie looked like me (and though I cannot confirm the father😉), Chad stepped right up and accepted us into his and his children’s lives. Maggie loved Maddy and Kepler very much!!! She also loved her Scoobs, Bug, and sister-Frankie the goat.
When it was finally time to hit the road and leave our town, Mags traveled like a champ, always excited for the new smells and views. Adventure-Dog loved it all….every mountain, desert, beach, and forest. Every bit of country amazed her. After living fulltime in the Airstream for two years and 40,000 miles of travels spanning 28 states and two countries- our Baby Dog saw the most beautiful parts of this continent.
We’re so lucky to have shared our lives with you, Maggie, and for giving us your time. For that, we’re forever grateful.
Auf Wiedersehen Darling.

Cate, Chad,and The Franks.


  1. I am so sorry for your family, I myself lost a goat Mary, who traveled with me, and her sister Pipi, she left me with her awesome son Yogi, we live on the road, they have their own horse trailer and I a horse trailer converted into a Tiny House. I still have Mary’s, ash’s on my truck seat, until I release them.

  2. They come into our lives when we need them the most . Knowing someday that they will journey on
    without you makes every memory
    more precious!
    What a beautiful tribute to those memories!

  3. I watched the entire video of Maggie, brought tears to my eyes. Reminded me of my Lady, a black cocker who we lost more than 15 years ago, We will see our little loves again one day, so sorry for your pain. How is Frankie?

    1. Its a long video….and it is tough…Sorry for your Lady. They make their way into our lives,and at some point leave us, it’s what we sign up for but refuse to accep… we never really get over them. We had our first camping trip without Maggie this week, a huge hole in our soul.
      Thanks Catherine.

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