Move over corn! We now have Chicken on the COBB, mussels on the COBB, and eggs on the COBB!

Franks unboxing

Hello campers and aspiring campers! We have always been grill challenged during our odyssey. We started our travels with a non functioning oven in the Argosy. We had a small charcoal grill, which eventually fell apart, and followed it up with a similar sized gas grill which eventually met it’s demise when Frankie knocked it of the table. Finally we followed up with an almost identical small charcoal Weber. Then last May, we received an email offering to send us a grill to try out (for free)! They asked for suggestions and maybe a small shout out. So without further adieu, here is our second product endorsement.

It exceeded all of our expectations! The COBB grill! So named because the original fuel source for this South African developed grill used dried corn cobs. It was made to be efficient ,safe, and easy for rural african families to use.

I know, thats more than 8….

True to their word, the COBB is all of the above, although it uses *just* 8 charcoal briquettes instead of corn cobs, and is safe and easy to use for boondocking campers! Those 8 briquettes last 3 hours which is plenty of time to use any of the attachments (most sold separately). We have a pizza stone, frying pan, flat top griddle, grilling surface, cutting board, and standard grill grate. You can also get chicken stands, bread pan, & kettle.

The double walled design makes the grill easy to move around while cooking,  the sides and bottom are cool to the touch. We even use it on our collapsable nylon table! Another major plus is that the entire unit fits into a handy cordura carrying bag. The carrying bag does lack pockets, which would be handy for tongs, spatuala, etc… but we are thinking of sewing on our own. So far we have cooked mussels, chicken, omelettes, enchilada, soups, and more! This is a great grill on the go, but it does come with a price. The basic unit is $179, while the Cobb kitchen combo (with all the add on’s I mentioned) maxes out at $349.

To summarize, this grill is eco friendly, ultra portable, easy to use, and unbelievably flexible. It is a bit spendy but I believe for most RV’er’s it will be a purchase they will be thrilled with!

For more info visit Cobb Grills website!

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