We know that you visit our website to see Cate’s great pictures, follow the adventures of Frankie Rae, get advice about camping and finding great campsites, or perhaps just as an escape. Today however we would like to share a few somber photos showing just a little of the incredible devastation that has befallen our beloved state and ask for your help….

Yesterday, we went to survey the damage from the Almeda fire in Southern Oregon….all I can say is that the destruction is unfathomable. It’s shocking to think that so many families woke up like they do everyday, went to work, and lost everything in a matter of hours. So many lost their homes, livelihoods , family heirlooms, and pets, because they had little to no warning… it all happened so quickly.

Many of these folks were just making ends meet and now have nothing but the shirts on their backs. If you haven’t had a chance yet to donate to the wildfire relief, please consider it, even a few bucks can go a long way.

Here is a link to organizations currently taking donations here in Southern Oregon:

For those that donate, Frankie wants to say “Thanks”. Take a picture of your donation receipt and send it to us in a Private message at FB or IG or email and receive a hoof-written note along with a photo of Frankie.
-Any charity pertaining to wildfire victims or disaster relief
-Not limited to Oregon charities or organizations
-When you submit the photo, please add your name and address
-Please send the photo by Friday 9/18
Stay Safe, friends. Hug and cherish your loved ones.❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cate, Chad, and Frankie🐐


  1. So utterly heartbreaking. I donated to the Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center simply because I can not imagine having to see our fur babies also suffer. Having seen numerous images on social media and in the news, it was these photos that really moved me. No need to send me a note or a photo. 🙂

  2. We see the newscast and they show the Fire’s raging through these communities and on to the next one. Thank you for showing us that we need each other more than ever! If ever there is a time that We as a Nation need to stand up and step in it is NOW!

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