Frankie is ready for her close-up! (on Discovery+)

A little over a year ago we set out on a trip around the West. By most accounts it would be one of our standard excursions, except this one was different! This time we had a film crew following us… well to be fair, following Frankie! The Discovery Channel was filming a new four-part series about unusual animal relationships called ‘The Bond”, produced by Robert Downey Jr. We are excited to announce that almost exactly a year since our return, our episode will air on Discovery+. You can see the trailer here. In addition to our not-so-humble goat, there are wonderful stories about a cheetah, a dolphin, and a kangaroo, all of which have exceptional, heartwarming, and unusual relationships with their people

Streaming on July 14th!
The Bond

‘The Bond’ tells the remarkable, moving, and surprising stories of fascinating characters from all walks of life who have formed deep bonds with creatures from across the animal kingdom. These bonds change the lives of both human and animal, and each episode will illustrate just how much we have to offer each other. Spanning the globe, the four-part series takes an intimate look at the unique bond between animals and humans, spotlighting these relationships in its purest forms.


  1. I will definitely put it on my calendar, having been so fortunate to be part of your journey throughout the years through your blog I can’t wait to share this with my friends and family!

  2. Watching this on Discovery plus. I’m so envious of y’all. Hats off to you for living life on your terms. Including Frankie, of course.

    1. Thanks Kim! And thanks for watching. It’s not particularly on our terms, it’s on Frankie’s terms!

  3. I am watching your episode now and you guys are awesome!! Love love love Frankie but what is not to love about her!

  4. I’m only 5 minutes into the episode and I had to pause it and look y’all up! I’m so in love with Frankie and her little antics, and so amazed by the bond you guys share. What tickled me the most was watching Frankie play and give her lovings and it’s exactly how my little dog (my soul pup) does it all. Just such a wholesome thing all around. Wish y’all the best!

    1. Aww shucks Catherine, we are so glad you liked it! We are in love with the Franks too. Thank you for your kind words, we wish you and your soul pup the best too! -Chad
      PS- What’s his or her name?

  5. We seen this show for our 1st time,we so enjoyed it. We are also so sorry about Maggie’s passing onto the Rainbow bridge. We know how that feels,we once had over 4 exotic cats at one time in our lives. We miss each one,as they all had individual personalities,plus they were all sisters and brothers of the same mother,just different fathers. But so much fun. We always took them on trips in out motorhome. But now they all are gone and we have the memories of each one. Take care always,God Bless.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments! Glad you like the show. My parents travel with their cats in a fifth wheel. Pets on the road are fun!

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