Welcome to the Family Corndog! Get ready to see the world!

Cate, Frankie, and I am thrilled to welcome Cornelius Oliver Battles the 3rd (aka Corndog) to our tiny family. Corny, Cornus, Corndog, Cornholio, Cor-Cor, whatever you want to call him is a Corgi-Sheltie mix. Corndog just turned 1 year old Friday the 17th.

It has been almost 4 years that Maggie the adventure dog left us. She was Frankie’s big sister and partner in crime. We have wanted to get another companion animal for the Franks, but it had to be *JUST* the right fit. On Saturday November 4th, Cate saw a listing for this cute little guy, and he seemed like a that perfect fit. After a brief visit at the Rogue Valley Humane Society, Cate and Corndog were smitten with each other. Maggie would have approved!

Frankie was a bit trepidatious when Corndog showed up, but they have really hit it off as much as a goat and a dog can.  In his first 10 days with us Corndog has had his first tent-camping trip under his belt, has gone to the coast, and has experienced the Redwoods.  We can’t wait to take him on the road in a couple of months and watch him do zoomies in the desert!


  1. I am so happy and excited for all of you. My name for the new addition is CornCob. “COB” for his initials, or Cobby.

    All the above is not important. Just makes me chuckle.

    Our JaviDog, who is a three year old (now) Havanese, loves to Zoom around the property.
    Bring your crew down for a visit.

    Ilene and Dave

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