Its good to be bad…..

its 6:45 am and we have awoken in the badlands! About to head out and hike while its still cool.

Yesterday we travelled 6 hours and went through the town of Winner (see previous post), and some beautiful, if stark, country.

The highlight of our day was our trip to 1880 town in Murdo SD. 1880 is  comprised of all authentic buildings andare realistically furnished. As we entered , looking out across the vast, empty landscape, you could see a storm approaching. The air was so charged At one point I looked over and Cates hair was standing on end (this was not the wind)


Before long it was on top of us dropping pea sized hail, showing awesome spidery lightning, and blowing sheets of rain. What a cool setting to watch this in, on the front porch of the saloon!


Here is cate in photo mode (which is most of the time).




and here is man skeleton walking dino skeleton!


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