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Well, the last two days have been fairly uneventful. Yesterday I did “store checks” for the first time. We went to a lot of big box stores and counted people coming out and stuff. More on that later (or not). Right now we are back at the Southfork bar where we get free wifi. On the other side of the room is a Joe Culpepper lookalike (for those of you who know whom I refer to). In our travels yesterday we found a great junk store. I tried to get hubcaps for the argosy, they were sooooo rad, but they did not fit! Alas.

Later in the day Cate did some work on traytray (what we affectionately call our trailer) and it looks like this!


Then we went to dinner at the Night Owl diner. I had to go to the restroom… And this is what I saw in the men’s room. See if you can spot it.


Speaking  of restrooms, the laundromats in Montana are very protective of their T.P.


And lastly, I’d like to say, I am grizzly bear obsessed! Cate has been making fun of me about this, but everywhere we go we see bear warnings… And today, since we are spending  another few weeks in bear country, I bought something I never thought I would have to buy (they have 5 inch claws btw)….BEAR SPRAY!


So tomorrow we will watch the sunrise in Glacier NP, take a hike, and then we are off to Idaho! We miss you all, live well and prosper! until next time.

  1. Traytray’s lookin’ fab! We miss you too. Watch out for those bears -I’ve only seen a grizzly at a distance in the wild, but I did see once, in Yellowstone, a tree that a grizzly had used to sharpen its claws. So I know I don’t really want to see one of those bears “up close and personal.”

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