A month to the day…7k miles, 11 states, 2 provinces!


It has been one month to the day that we left home. What an exciting journey we have had so far. I have learned a lot in only a month.

Patience, with and for dog, wife, myself, and the vehicle(s). Nothing happens on schedule, or as planned, and knock on wood, it hasn’t been too bad so far.

Living in close quarters with my spouse is much easier than expected, although she is a “messy artiste” she is wonderful, loving , and a whole lot of fun. Our road banter is outstanding. We have coined many new words such as Fauxmish (amish driving an SUV), made up a bunch of new songs, etc. We have gained a new appreciation for hot showers, cheap gas, clean socks, trap-a-crap poopouree, and fresh water. We have gained new hatred of both apple and google maps. We have learned about huckleberries, trailer sewer dumps, and poutine. We have a stowaway mouse in the trailer that keeps us up at night sometimes, and a passenger side window in the GMC that is a constant source of frustration. Cate backs the trailer up to hitch it, keeps me sane, and I do the majority of the driving. I am getting over my fear of heights and gaining a fear of grizzly bears. and finally, we can never wait to check on the state of American politics, and our hometown of Asheville. The world is wide, and we are in it. Not to get too cheesy, but we are at play in the fields of the lord (good movie if you haven’t seen it)

Unfortunately, we are going to have to settle somewhere, and return to work. I keep hoping someone will contact us and pay us to write, blog, and travel, but I doubt it seriously.

We cannot wait to come back for Mark and Betts’ wedding in a few short weeks, have a drink with all of our friends at the Cascade, and talk you all into meeting us somewhere out here! hugs and kisses,

Chad, Cate, and Tiny

PS- check out our new marmot fight video!


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