Oregon part one!

We have been travelling through the Oregon since last Friday! As we left Washington, we had to wash the dust off of our tray-tray!


…and go see the roadside attraction, John’s beachcombing museum. Unfortunately we did not have cash for entry into the true vault of secrets, but we took what we could get.

It was imperative to get cate to the Dahlia fest for the weekend! As you can see below we made it. Tiny and I opted for breakfast at a nearby greasy spoon. Not that we dont appreciate flowers, just not flowers for hours!

as…we… Entered…Portland, I felt a strange growth starting on the top of my head! i ignored it best I could… And then i realized what was happening!!! MANBUN ALERT! i could feel my irony quotient going up, Must GO NOW!…

Off we went to Mt. hood and camped for two nights just down the road from Trillium Lake under Mount Hood. Where “dog” and I bathed during sunset!


… Wife is still stinky though😀

due to my rapidly growing manbun, and Cate’s bear attack,

fullsizerenderwe headed out towards the high desert of Bend, Oregon. Unbeknownst to us we had entered lava land! What an awesome landscape! Mt Bachelor, The Three Sisters, Broken Top, and Mount Jefferson!.  We filled the traytray water tank, took a needed RV dump, and found a campsite just south of lava lake.

okay, I am going to digress like I usually do for a sec… I got my lovely wife a gift the other day… A “sunroof stick” which she mistook  for a selfie stick and refuses to use…. Oh well…


Okay, back to the land of volcanoes… We’ll make this fast because I am losing my enthusiasm after a day of driving… we went to Newberry National Volcanic Monument! Including a self guided tour of a lava tube cave!!!, and a ride up to a cinder cone that spewed lava over a 9 sq mile area!

and then there was the minor side trip to Crater Lake!😱😝 SPECTACULAR!

Lastly I will leave you with four questions….

#1 why is this bear so modest…and angry?image

#2 whats up with this guy?img_4909

#3 why is there ankle deep ash hereimg_9891

#4 and why is did I climb that huge lava flow to fly my drone? (Footage coming soon!)image

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