Of Baths…

I thought this was an amusing conversation. Yesterday we searched out a natural hot springs that was within a few dozen miles of our campsite. After getting turned around, we finally found the trailhead. We hiked through the old growth forest, a hippy girl encampment (complete with obligatory PBRs) , and ended up at the hot pool. Despite the chilly NW fall weather we only soaked our feet. Why you might ask yourself? I have the answer, which I happily explained to the other hot spring denizens. ” we are travelling and only get to shower about once a week, and our last one was yesterday. This pool is very muddy and so we will have to pass this time”

But our feet are very relaxed…

today we are headed to Ashland Oregon with cate behind the wheel…image

We plan to visit my long lost friend Sean Smith, and to look at the town for possible settlement. It is high on our list, close to skiing, lush, wild, and situated in a “rain shadow” which would delight the Franks. We left Traytray back in Eugene at Cate’s friend Scott’s house (thanks Scott!!!) and will be tent camping this lovely fall weekend!

BTW the Argosy Tracker has been updated…Check it!

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