Straight outta Squampton!


As promised, here is our entry since we left Seattle in our pursuit to “evaluate” the Canadian health care system.
We made our way over the Peace Arch border crossing without tray-tray, and into Surrey, BC for a quick stopover to see the Doc. Afterwards we proceeded to get lost in Vancouver, unsure of where we were going to tent camp that night. After much hemming and hawing, it was decided to go with the original plan. Head North for about 64km to the outdoor sports capital of Canada, Squamish, BC. …

Along the way is Lions Bay on Howe sound, or the old home of Baltar on Caprica if you are a Battlestar Galactica Fan.img_0361

Squamish is awesome! The crosswalks are rainbow colored and the surrounding landscape is truly spectacular! Hanging over downtown is “The Chief”. A large cliff that seems to be a mecca for climbers. Great whitewater and other climbing sites are located just outside of town. There is mountain biking and hiking throughout the dramatic landscape.

Squamish also has the elusive Canadian geese just running wild in the streets. Here you can see them preparing to head to a town near you (my southern people).


We camped right under the Chief. Looking out on the Howe Sound

On our second day went went on up North to take a quick look at Brandywine falls and Whistler Blackcomb. All I’m going to to say about it, because I’m a bit bummed that I saw it without snow, is that it was too rainy and foggy to even see the mountains.


While at Brandywine Falls, our ever vigilant dog Maggie finally caught something. Unfortunately that something appeared to be a Pika. Pikas look like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse. They are in danger due to climate change as they can only survive in under 80 degree f temps. Cate was so startled, a passerby thought she was in distress.😜
After two awesome days we wandered back down the sound to Vancouver and back over the border on our way to Seattle/Bainbridge Island. Sadly on the way we passed the Cascades Mall Macys in Burlington, where just the day before, a gunman killed 5 people. A sober reminder of the gun control issues we have in this country. Thirty minutes earlier we were in a country where such a thing would be unthinkable, and highly unlikely. Now we were back where it is commonplace and in our face as we sped past the crime scene tape fluttering in the breeze.

Finally we drove onto the ferry leaving Seattle behind for now and went to thank Amy, pick up traytray, and do some prep for the second half of our journey.

Taken with NightCap Pro
Next Up Oregon….

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