Helena and Bruce….Mystery Solved!

Ah the mystery of the two lost ipads! As you may recall, I found two ipads in the road in the Columbia River Valley, Oregon…..


There was rampant speculation about their origin. How did they end up in the road? Who did they belong to? Did they belong to the same person/people?  It has been nearly a month since we found these, we had hoped the owners had enabled the find-my-iphone feature. We attempted to give them to the portland apple store to have them unlocked so the owners could be found. No luck at all. We took a picture….


In hopes that it would upload to iCloud and the owners would find us. We exposed the ipads to every non-password protected network we could find and even charged them up. Eventually we gave up. I thought about tossing them, but kept them around anyway. Well, guess what? Yesterday my phone sounded the txt sound, it was Bruce and Helena from Calgary Canada! They found our picture after downloading their pics from the cloud! We chatted for some time, and we got the whole story. Yes, they were from the same couple, there was no strife involved in the ipads’ demise, yes they were left on the roof of the car and greatest of all, while we were speaking on the phone, I directed them to this site and they recognized our trailer!!! Anyway they sounded like wonderful folks. Here they are below with their new ipads… Aint technology grand?!


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