Perpetually Astounded (pt.2)

Tuesday morning we woke up to the sound of sound of the traffic climbing the grade outside our camper. Truck already hooked up, we stowed our loose items and grooved on down the coast. We stopped at a handful of overlooks to take pictures and found places to dump our poo and dishwater tanks & refill the water tank.
In our quest to not eat out as much since we are super low on the dough, it was time to go propane! We have done the whole trip using a small portable grill, but it finally gave up the ghost. Due to that, and the new chill in the air, it was time to get a propane tank, and test out traytray’s stove and gas system. We purchased a 70 lb tank and I finally got around to building the hood over the stove!


Next up, find a campsite. Now as I have told you before, in our quest to be frugal and our high priority re: privacy, we are Forest Service road campers. After picking from a map, we stumbled across a ranger. She directed us to a road we had passed that said closed 2 miles up, but we figured she knew the scoop. Clearly she did not. If you have ever driven a lumbering 22 foot trailer up an unknown forest service road you always have this thought in the back of your head: ‘what if I get up here and cannot turn around?’. Well gentle readers, on this fine day our luck ran out. Two miles up, on a narrow road, we came to a logging operation. No place to turn around, a steep bank on one side, and a several hundred foot drop off on the other. As Cate will attest, this is not a time you want me backing the trailer… Rolling it off a hill is favorable in comparison to my tsunami of cursing and yelling! Consequently Cate took over. While i hollered “cliffside” and “hillside” she inched the rig back an agonizingly long way to a pullout where we just barely got her turned around!!


We turned onto the next FS road we saw, and viola! A dead end (campsite) with plenty of room to turn around!

Part 3
Next day was Laundry, Groceries, Shower and Traytray maintenance
day! And then there was yesterday! We awoke, dashed out the door and ran off to see the sights around Cape Perpetua and ways north! At the first place we stopped, cate found two big dungeness crabs, but due to complications, we did not cook them as was the plan. We took in two lighthouses, Thors hammer, The Devil’s Churn and also his Punchbowl. We didnt make it to his cauldron. He owns a lot of sights around here that crafty devil. We saw seal rock, flew the drone, played in tidepools, and marveled at the sunset.
First check out this astounding video of thor’s hammer, and the seal playing at, wait for it….Seal Rocks!


Next up… birthday!

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