Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation…a stone.


It was a short 60ish miles to Zion from our campsite outside Overton. We traversed I-15 through some spectacular scenery at Beaver Dam Mountain Wilderness … Through St George and into LaVerkin and Hurricane,

imageupward through Virgin and to a cool roadside parking area on Dalton Wash Rd. Sweet spot I must say… Before we got kicked out.

image.jpegDespite all of our sources, it was private property… So we did a chad-typical late night move. We were able to do some laundry and watch the final game of the Series (go Cubs) in Hurricane, UT.
The main attraction though was Zion. Majestic… cate likes to say; “Yosemite on Crack”, and it is. Unfortunately we were unable to explore the Zion Narrows Another time. I just want to say… if you know me you know I hate heights. If you hate heights, Zion is not the hiking destination for you. See below for pics.

On ground level though…just Wow!

We were able to film Angus on his departure from Zion, and on the way to Bryce! I’ll post it shortly!


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