Bryce Canyon (and Red Canyon)

Zion was phenomenal! But soon it was time to move on, and as promised, here is the video of Angus’ escape.

we moved south through the park, grudgingly paid the $15 fee for a one way passage through the mile ling tunnel (they have to shut down way traffic). Apparently it was not designed for larger vehicles when it was built.

We travelled through the hinterlands , drove through two great fin archways at Red Canyon

imageand down highway 12 to Bryce. For those of you that were computer nerds such as myself in the 90’s. You may remember a software program called Bryce. It allowed you to render cool canyons and otherworldly scenes on your big fancy home PC. Bryce 2.0, shipped in 1996, included much beyond the original notion of creating a realistic mountain range. These included independent light sources and complex atmospheric effects.


It was cool, but the real Bryce was waaaaay cooler! We found a spot to camp a few miles back the north fork road… By the Tropic resevoir. The campsite was wonderful, spacious, and the road was smooth.

We checked out Bryce Canyon which was a collection of hoodoos and fins. bright colors and awesome overlooks and trails. I would say it was otherworldly.

on a side note… I bought a pair of Merrell shoes in Golden Canada in July. The toe rubber was starting to peel off to begin with, but for the price I figured “what the heck”… Within 10 weeks of our trip the toes were totally open so I contacted the company. After some wrangling, they agreed to send me a new pair of shoes…for free….which I happily picked up in Tropic, UT. Thanks Jen (Mom) !!!


Niiiice ya?

While we were around Bryce, we also checked out Red Canyon, we finally purchased our heater for the camper since the temps are dropping into the lower 20s and we made a side trip to Escalade through the Grand Staircase national monument. Nice country! Our last full night there was election night. We figured the price of showers (which we regularly pay for) and the bandwidth,which we pay for by buying beer would pay for itself by getting a super cheap no-tell motel. We could shower, not burn propane for heat, use all the water we wanted, AND watch the election….. We shoulda stayed home…. Anyhow, the next morning we decided it was time for a change. We eschewed news and took the back roads towards Capitol Reef National Park and Moab.

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