Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef is in the waterpocket fold in Utah. it is a beautiful park, in a non-standard  National Park way. The park is lineal and very pronounced. We parked about a mile outside the park at a wonderful campsite next to two boulders, a pinyon pine and a huge whitecap bluff.

Shortly after arriving we developed a hole in our left front tire. Apparently a huge allen screw was picked up at some point.


The good news was that we have a full size spare.Now I am gonna sound like a dork, but I had no idea our GMC had the aformentioned spare tire and that was lowered by a cable (whaaaaaaat?). I had to read the manual to lower and replace it! Our 2nd bad tire in 20,000 miles….not bad.

After two nights and one day of exploring, (another cool driving video coming soon), we hiked to the Hickmans bridge arch,

imagesaw the petroglyphs,

imageand moved on. Next up, Moab (pronounced “MOBE” 😜) and all the cool  attractions they have to offer!


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