Let’s be Frank(ie)

….a few questions and a few pictures about traveling with a goat.
First off the answer is “no its not a goat, it’s a horny dog”!… sorry to be flip, but every time anyone sees us anywhere the first question out of their mouths is “is that a goat?” It was cool for a little while, but it’s starting to get a bit long in the tooth.
I gotta hand it to the Franks though… while being a general terror inside the camper during the daytime, she is otherwise an angel. She pees before entering the car, she lays down as soon as we start to roll, and she is very well behaved around the campsite, on trails and in public. One thing she has really taken to is climbing on rocks! We believe she is channeling her mountain goat brethren…. she sleeps through the night at the foot of the bed and has serious anxiety if the pack is broken up! And she is stoopid photogeneic!


  1. I think she’s awesome
    You can have your very own goat yoga experience.
    I am curious though about your tow vehicle.
    Does it have any issues with the mountains?

    1. Over the last 25k miles she has slowed down a bit, but we just went over a 12,200 foot pass pretty easily, albeit slowly. With all that we have put this little TV through, I am very happy with it. 05 GMC Envoy (currently running in RWD only due to a giant hole in the front diff I haven’t had time or R to fix.)

  2. Oh my gosh I just found your page and love seeing and reading about your travels! You have the cutest travel companions by the way:) Happy and safe travels!

  3. Oh my lucky stars. My husband & I just brought home yesterday our 2018 23FB Flying Cloud & I was searching FB for AirStream pages. I saw your goat yoga picture & I knew I had to follow you guys. We live in CO and can’t wait for our first trip which starts Thursday. We have a 12 day adventure and are headed north to Glacier. We have two Dachshunds who are a hoot but I must say, having a goat is the bees knees of all things wonderful! – Michell

  4. I am so enjoying your wonderful posts, incredible photography, humor, and such a zest for life!! I grew up with goats & so miss them in my adult life. I have a Pinterest board called “goats make wonderful pets”…and the do!!! My pet Nelly waited faithfully for my school bus when I was little…decades ago!! Thank you for sharing your journey!!! DIANA Thompson in Arkansas.

  5. I love reading your blog! Seeing Frankie is absolutely wonderful, he is so photogenic. He makes your pictures that much more fun!
    Safe and happy travels.

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