Rainy days and Mondays always get me….working on the blog!

Hi friends, we just wanted to let you know on this cold, rainy, and windy Rocky Mountain day that we have been taking advantage of our camperbound status by doing some improvements to Argosyodyssey.com! I have restored the ability to subscribe, so that as new posts go up you can get an email letting you know! Also please check out our Argosy tracker. It is about as real time as you can get as far as seeing where we are currently. I update it with every move and every hike or sightseeing opportunity. We did so much on last year’s trip that the data table was completely full (not to mention it was cluttered), so we now have Argosy tracker part II. It is also my hope that I can find a way to put a projected route on this map…so far no luck .

BTW, update on travel: We are stuck here until we take receipt of some important mail in Nederland, afterwhich the blogs updates will pick up again. Hopefully it comes today… we are getting restless.


  1. I love your blog! So happy I found you and that you let us sign up for future postings. Don’t want to miss anything! What a great rig you have! Your pictures are amazing, and your travel companions are great! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. It was good to talk top you the other night. went to dinner with Tom and BJ last night at Chipolte, so far no sickness…..LOL…Looks like the snowmobile for the patrol is happening. The mechanic went through the engine the other day and so far we just need some gaskets and a ignition coil. whooo hooo

  3. Hi there! Just discovered you! We have been traveling in our 59 Airstream for the last five months. Heading home to FL now to plan and gear up for a year of full timing. It will be a few months before we take off again but can’t wait!

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