Spurning the Burning…

The Sawtooth Mountains filled the rearview mirror, it was time for the long trek to Truckee. Considering the fact that it was a Saturday, and we were passing  through a large metropolitan area, it was important that we stay the night while cate did her store-check work in Boise. On the way from Sun Valley on Highway 20,  we passed through the rolling hills and grasslands of Idaho, briefly stopping in the middle of *nowhere* to watch ranchers move their cattle across the highway. Frankie soon took notice of the rumble of the cattle and their incessant baying. She was glued to the window, transfixed at what was happening! A migration of her hooved bretheren! The cowhands rode the edges, prodding the stock forward while the highway patrol stopped traffic.
 Once the cattle were safely across the highway, we continued on to Boise. Cate had picked a BLM area right on the edge of town to camp. The road was rough, and once again we “scrambled the egg” that is traytray. We drove higher and higher up the twisty dirt road, passing affluent neighborhoods, on past the overlook we had planned to camp at, and onto this prominent knob 😉. High fiving as we parked, we soon realized this was one of those party places that exist in most communities…. out on the edge of town…. Bottles and trash strewn around, and even a hypodermic needle. Sign of the times I suppose. The view, despite the haze, was impressive. Cate went to work, I picked up a little around the campsite. Night fell and we watched the sun grow red setting over Boise through the distant forest fire smoke.

The sun rose up on the opposite side of the sky and we hooked up the camper, prepped for the earthquake in the camper going down the hill. There is not much between Boise and Reno. It’s a long haul. We went through some hauntingly beautiful and lonely stretches of SE Oregon. The wifi password at the only gas station for 100 miles is Trumpwins. Rome, OR. We stopped in a tiny desert town on the Oregon Nevada border at a tiny casino/cafe and ordered 2 sandwiches to go. We found out that Burning Man was starting that very same day, very close to us. I think it goes without saying that looking at our camper, one-eyed Angus proudly leading the charge, one would could safely  assume that Burning Man would be our destination. One would be wrong. 101 degrees, thousands of people, dust-storms, celebrities, …nah. I’ll pass on the party on the playa.

We stopped for the night under the shadow of Star Peak. Camp was situated on the banks of the Rye Patch Reservoir.  Shortly before the exit for the lake, at Imlay, was Thunder Mountain. Click here for the fascinating story from Roadside America. They can tell the story so much better than I.

We had an incredible sunset, then attempted to watch the Alien reboot… notice we said “attempted”….

The following morning we continued onward to Reno. We were invited by one of our blog readers, Kristy to meet and chat at the marina! She was kind enough to bring us lunch and introduce us to her friend!! We hope to meet up with her in the future!

Soon we were up and over the pass and nestled snugly in our spot for the week, the Hoke Valley, just outside Truckee, Ca (Tahoe).

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