goin to California…

We arrived in the Tahoe/Truckee area with plenty of daylight to spare. Our first choice for a campsite was along the Prosser Creek reservoir. Unfortunately the Forest Service had a temporary ban on camping next to the lakes, so we had to go in search of another option. We were tipped off to an area called the Hoke Valley. Arriving at the Hoke Valley, we missed the turnoff for the dispersed camping area and ended up on a one way trip up to Verdi Peak. The steep narrow twisty road was paved with extremely sharp rocks and deep ruts. We had no choice but to continue on up to find a place to turn around. This was without a doubt the most hair raising, stressful drive of the entire trip to date. I was proud of us however, there was no marital sniping… we worry well together.
We finally reached the summit, were able to turn around, and as the sun got a bit lower, we found our campsite. Miraculously our tires were still intact although the camper was a disaster.

Now I know I have been a little vocal about seeing some dreamy world-class ski hills *IN*THE*SUMMER*😡 before… but this was almost too much to handle…. camping in the shadows of not one, not two, but TWELVE ski hills! Squaw Valley, Heavenly, Northstar, and Alpine Meadow just to name a few. This is just adding insult to injury after Sun Valley and Jackson Hole!

Chad be like….
The next morning we set out to circumnavigate Lake Tahoe… and circumnavigate we did. We stopped briefly at a boulder field that was like a dream for the Franks. She bounded from rock to rock, stopping only to take in the view…

We had Lunch at Izzy’s burger spa and then went to dog beach for a quick dip in the azure Tahoe water.
We scoured the web for a hike that would suit both us and the animals, our desire for a view, and availability of water. Our choice paid off in spades. We hike the Granite Lake Maggie’s Peak trail. This trail was rated moderate, but should have been rated moderate/strenuous. Multiple switchbacks and an elevation gain of 2000 feet. Granite Lake was a pristine alpine lake, with cool clear water. Once we reached Maggie’s peak(s) the view was incomparable.

During our last days in Tahoe, I was able to escape for a bit and take a nice bike ride on some lakeside bike paths, we did some work in Reno and before we knew it, it was time to take our leave. We did not anticipate the post Labor Day traffic, but we were enveloped by it. on the way out of Truckee we stopped at a Chevron to use the RV dump and ran across some french campers leaving Burning Man. Franks had no idea what happened to their camper, but I am sure it made for an epic story. We creeped through the traffic over Donner Pass, and luckily did not have to resort to cannibalism to make our way the 40 miles down hill to Colfax and the Bear River. Thars gold in them that hills son!

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