A new Journey has begun!

A little over a week ago, the Argosy, Cate, myself, and Frankie set sail and set a course for Lake Powell to rendezvous with our adult offspring! Ahead of us will be an epic roadtrip around the Southwest US (their first)! The tracker map is up and running, showing our route to date, along with our camping spots, side trips, and hikes.

Our blog updates may not come as fast as they do when we are on the road by ourselves because we want to focus on the family and savor our precious time with Mx and Kepler. Below is a sneak peek photo gallery of the trip thus far! We will be adding more stunning pics, videos, and drone footage in the coming days and weeks!
Happy New year to Everyone!
-Cate, Chad, Mx, Kepler, and of course the Franks!

 Next up: Departure!


    1. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Love checking in with you 3 from time to time. Gives me ideas for future adventures.

  1. After seeing all the hate and despair in this country is this past week, I am so grateful to see your posts on all of the amazing things we take for granted that are right in front of us. Thank You for sharing all that is beautiful and good in our country.

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