Broke-down Sale! Great opportunity to own some Cate Battles art!

Well, sometimes things don’t work out the way you think or hope. An unexpected situation has put us in a tight financial spot, so I am running a special art promotion and am offering a 15% discount on all prints. Also, if you have ever considered commissioning a painting from me, now would be a very appreciated time.

Our time with the kids is winding down and we were supposed to spend the last few days exploring around Arizona before they drive back to Asheville on the 20th. Unfortunately, on our way to Sedona, our new tow vehicle that we bought only a month ago broke down….a new transmission is needed. We were towed to a campground where we will remain until the shop fixes it. We expect the repair costs to be substantial. It’s been an emotional and very disappointing day, considering this has been the first time we have been able to see the kids since Covid hit and it won’t be fixed before they have to leave us and head back East. We try to stay positive here but this day has been anything but positive and I’m just really sad.
Nevertheless, we are grateful to have been able to spend this special time with the kids exploring the Southwest and have seen some incredible sights the past couple weeks. We’re thankful that after living full-time in our Airstream the past 4+ years and traveling 60,000 miles, this is the first major hiccup we’ve experienced. The timing is unfortunate but at the end of the day, we’re healthy, safe, and surrounded with love and support.
Feel free to send us a message or email to inquire about pricing or to order.
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Thanks friends for your continued support, Frankie and her herd will be back on the road soon enough exploring our beautiful country. We GOAT this!!!!!

Love, Cate, Chad, and Frankie ❤️🐐


  1. First thing ,no repair is ever cheap but a transmission can be a big set back. If you just bought the vehicle a few months ago and there is no warranty depending on the year and milage most vehicles have a power train warranty from the manufacturer you will need the vin # and milage . Second if it is used and beyond that warranty then check to see if there is any recall on that transmission. Third if you are having repaired at a dealership, sometimes they will have several different options for you,
    Fix it at there shop (costly$$) replace the necessary components until you can get home. Trade it
    (be careful of low ball offers) sell it to them, again low ball offers because it is not running. Depending where you are and the available repair shops is also key. If you go to the shop and they say it gonna need a new transmission right off the bat ask to see the damaged part, watch that they don’t run to the dumpster to look for one. Not saying there are “shady shops”but it is a big ticket item and you need to be on top of them. I am only giving this advice as I have been a commercial truck driver and owner operator for the last 20 years and I seen and heard it all. Good luck and safe travels ahead!

  2. Hi Cate,
    So sorry to hear of breakdown.
    I’d love to order an 11×14 “ Reading in Saguaro”. It will be a perfect compliment to my collection of gutsy girls
    Please let me know if it’s available and the total cost plus shipping and I’ll sent out a check.
    Take care.
    I’m a big believer in that (sometimes) annoying phrase “ everything happens for a reason”

    Carol Black

  3. I’m so sorry to hear of your mishap! I’m not in a position to buy anything right now, but I wanted to know that I am pulling for you!

    1. oh that’s so cool! Maybe we will see you tomorrow! We unfortunately don’t have the cards on us, they are back at my studio.

  4. Hello Cate..
    Your story about Frankie
    warms my heart. Ive had all sorts of pets..but never thought about a goat! You both are awesome critter owners!!
    Thank you for sharing your story! I’m not on FB but might be interested in a pic you paint to help your journey!! I love your nomad life and how organized you are! So happy you two met up and love Frankie equally!
    Thank You!❤

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