Reunited and it feels so good!

Hardly sleeping at all due to the anticipation, finally the day had arrived for our meetup with Mx and Kepler at Lone Rock Beach, Lake Powell, Utah.We spent the morning meticulously cleaning the camper and bought our first batch of many grocery runs. Before long we were hitching up the camper, doing our crosscheck and setting out on the final hour’s drive to Lone Rock. 

We coasted down the hill towards the lake, making small talk and taking in the familiar sights. We had camped on this beach on a previous trip. Although it is a fee area (NP passes are valid), and you can camp there, it doesn’t have a campground feel. It is a vast sandy area that goes all the way down to the water. Park anywhere you want! The last time we were there it was still in-season and the waterline was pretty crowded, but this time it was almost entirely deserted.

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We had no sooner found a good spot and disconnected that we saw their blue Ford Escape come driving across the sand. Yaaaaaayyyyyyy they had made it! They had travelled from our old home state of North Carolina, pulling long driving shifts, over 1900 miles! The doors flew open and the big hugs and grins begun. They looked great, healthy, happy (if not a little road weary), and were a sight for sore eyes. Covid couldn’t keep us away. FYI we all got tested before we left, would be staying away from people as much as we possibly could.

We made a little lunch and then decided to not let the day get away from us. After all the driving we were all due a good little hike. We piled in all together, with Frankie in her new rear 3rd row seat. Thirty minutes later we spilled out at the Toadstool Hoodoos trailhead. The hike itself was not a long one, but the terminus is a broad rocky area with long range views, colorful bands of soil, and rock formations (Hoodoos). It was really fun to wander around and explore all the nooks and crannies, and  it was especially great to know that the kids were seeing it for the first time! The sun got lower in the sky and the temperature was dipping so we hiked back to the car and headed back to camp for dinner. Afterwards we built a fire and warmed up. 

The temperatures at Lake Powell were down in the low twenties night. When we originally hatched this plan, we were going to rent a camper for the kids, but MX and Kepler instead opted to sleep in Kepler’s truck. Everyone used the Argosy as their dining room, kitchen, bathroom, warming hut, and lounge. They had outfitted the truck with a whole system of removable “space blankets” over the windows and roof, could preheat the car by remote, and had subzero sleeping bags. We also had an air mattress in the camper if they decided it was too cold. Spoiler Alert: they never used it!

What a great day and a great reunion, I fell asleep excited for all the adventure that was to come! We would get to wake up 16 mornings in a row to my grown children, each day holding a new experience.

The next morning we awoke and headed over to Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River. Our last visit was B.C. (Before Covid) and was packed with busloads of tourists, so not knowing what to expect, we arrived early. Luckily there were only a handful of people there and we were able to explore the area and take copious amounts of pictures. Afterwards we travelled down to Spencer Trail on the Colorado that is in the same area as Lee’s Ferry. This is the main point of departure for all rafting trips through the Grand Canyon.

After a short hike along the river we drove back to Lake Powell and buttoned up the cars/trailer for our next morning’s departure. Later, we spent the evening bundled around our Solo Stove…….we even goat a surprise guest! The Bern! Tomorrow we would head out to Bryce Canyon.

Next Up: Bryce Canyon


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