The Journey to Bryce Canyon

It was a cold morning at Lone Rock Beach, Kepler and MX emerged from their space-blanketed cocoons and we boiled water for tea and coffee. Over breakfast we made a plan for the day! The next stop would be Bryce Canyon National Park. It would be a short but picturesque drive at only 150 miles. We returned to Kanab, passed by Zion and headed into Red Canyon while listening to the news of the events in the Capitol. 

It was nice to have the spawns in their truck to scope out camping spots. Typically we would scout out locations with no idea if we would even be able to turn around. As we approached our anticipated spot we received a call telling us that they had secured an excellent spot with a great view…”but it was a little snowy”. While we were trepidatious at the report, we were also emboldened by our new ride that sported a functioning four wheel drive and some aggressive tires. We turned onto Tom’s Best Spring Road, drove down a mile or so, and saw Kepler waiting at the intersection.  Before long we had pulled up into a snowy clearing that had, within a short 100 foot stroll, a commanding view of the valley. 

The day was young and we decided to take a quick drive into Bryce. Though we visited the park in 2016, it was the kid’s first time. We also ran into a friendly park ranger that posed for a picture with the Franks. Coincidentally she was from our neck of the woods in Southern Oregon!

We returned to camp and the temperature continued to drop to near 7 degrees as we made dinner and played cards in the modest heat of the camper.

In the morning, Cate, ever the nurturing and thoughtful lady, took off for a quick jaunt to Bryce to catch the sunrise along the Navajo loop.

She later returned to drop  the kids and myself off for a longer hike in the canyon. She continued on with Frankie to Red Canyon State Park which was more pet-friendly while Mx, Kepler and I made the treacherous trek along the the icier portion of the Navajo/Queen Gardens loop . As the day progressed, we encountered more and more tourists, most who were not wearing masks. It was unfortunate, but I guess a fact of life- PSA, respect the national parks and their rules!                                        

It was a wonderful hike around Bryce Canyon and as we crested the hill, Cate arrived to carry us back to our temporary home at Tom’s Best Spring Road (and boy is she strong, carrying all three of us that far in the snow!).

Dinner was prepared and we kicked back enjoying the warmth of the camper while both rehashing the day’s adventure and planning our next move to Capitol Reef!

Next Up: Capitol Reef!


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