Hidden Lake, Crouching Meth-head

FullSizeRender.jpgSo our last full day in Montana was epic! Cate roused me from my precious slumber (not like that you pervs, I said roused). We caught the sunrise at Lake Mcdonald in Glacier national park. It was pretty but not as stunning as some of our earlier sunsets due to the cloud cover. We did see some beavers!

We have found that due to the resurgence of interest in the national parks, coupled with the 100th anniversary of the parks, we need to go early or late to avoid the large crowds. We set off up the Going to the Sun Road. This is a gorgeous but nerve wracking drive on a narrow cliffside traverse. See above.

Once we reached the Logan Pass, we hiked to the hidden lake overlook! Probably the most beautiful hike I have ever been on. We saw mountain goats, Pikas, chipmunks, ground squirrels, and a Marmot Rumble!

And there was snow!IMG_8716

After heading back down to the campsite and going to bed early, we left the next morning for Idaho. If you get a chance stop in Wallace Idaho (where Dante’s Peak was filmed)! A charming town with great shops.

We called the ranger station to ask where we should camp off grid, they suggested “the Meadows”. After much driving around, we finally found it! We parked,put the dog in and as we were leaving to go grab some food (since it was late), I noticed a small tent deep in the shrubbery about 50ft from our trailer. I had a bad feeling as there was no car, and it seemed odd that a tent would be tucked up so far into the bushes. Seemed like someone did not want to be found. We went to dinner anyway, assuming the best. On the way back, almost within sight of our camper, the truck ran out of gas. We gathered up the flashlights and bear spray and hiked back to the camper, planning to use the gas in the generator the next morning to fuel up the truck.  Upon our return we found the bathroom accordian door split in half, the bathroom window plexiglass shattered everywhere, muddy footprints and a freaked out Maggie.


Luckily nothing was taken, and nothing more was damaged. Cate called the local police who arrived and gave her a lift to pick up gas and revive our truck. I stayed behind to patch the window, clean the mess, and calm maggie, all the while with the bear spray unclipped and ready. When cate returned we hooked up the trailer, went to top off the fuel tank, and moved traytray to a walmart parking lot in the next town. This morning  we woke up, bid walmart buhbye, bought some new plexi and headed out to Sand point! This town is Great so far. Gotta run now, gotta find a non sketchy campsite for the next couple of days and fix our damage. Peace

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