Two Months: the mouse has left the building…

It seems our little stowaway noticed that I bought mouse traps sometime back towards Rainier… Haven’t heard a peep since. Makes me wonder where he got off. Maybe that little  Asheville mouse is now a denizen of the far Norhwest.

We are missing everyone terribly. We are counting down the days til we return and see all of our friends and Kepler, Maddy, and the Frankus.

Since our last month, we have gone from Glacier to Idaho, been broken into, been to the Nothwesternmost point in the US, been to Rainier, Portland, Ashland, Lava caves, crater lake, volcanoes, Bend, etc, etc.

Speaking of Ashland, I was fortunate to meet up with a long time college friend Sean Smith! And of course his lovely wife and son. They gave us a wonderful welcome and Sean pitched his town for our relocation. I forgot how much I missed him!


The thing that resonates most to me when I think about the last two months is a sense of time distortion, for lack of a better term. When i was at home a week could slip by in the blink of an eye, groceries, zoning out on the same drive every day, waking up at the end of it and wondering if you stopped at every red light, and how you didnt kill anyone. On our trip a million things a day can happen! A tire can blow, you can have an epic fight with your significant other, you can meet awesome people over a crappy lunch, you can rip a bumper half off your car, you can have a great conversation with a one armed flagger for five minutes at a construction zone in the middle of the forest. You can see wildlife, scenery, and race the sun to pick out a campsite….. And bust ass to get out in the morning before the ranger gets to you (didnt have the $10 in cash, and they dont take canadian money). All in one day. Add them all together and imagine what 30 days is like!  All the faces, all the places.

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